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  •  Hi, my name is Loren and I am a Senior Citizen who spent most of my life in Colorado and then moved to California after my wife passed away. I lived with my daughter and her family for a few years and took care of my two grandsons while their parents were working.  As I got more familiar with California I noticed that most people here tend to live a healthier lifestyle than I did in Colorado, and that being able to be outside year round was a part of it.  


  •  I decided that I needed to set some new goals and that I wanted to live a long and independent life. I not only wanted to add years on my life, but especially wanted to make sure I was able to add life to my years.  I immediately began to take better care of myself by watching what I was eating and by exercising more. I then decided that my goal was to enjoy a stylish retirement and began filling in the pieces of what that meant.  


  •  First, one has to stay mentally sharp in order to be independent, so I started spending more time reading and also learning a new word each day. Second, one has to be physically healthy too. I think a person should be as physically active as they are capable of being, and am fortunate that I am in pretty good shape and have found a lot of projects and interests to keep me active.   The only medications I was taking were generic over-the-counter vitamins, and then I happened to read an article about Chinese herbs made from natural ingredients and it caught my attention. 

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  •  I decided to research the concept and found a product that I wanted to try. A few weeks later I noticed that I had more energy and stamina, and was less tired at the end of the day. The only explanation for that was that I had switched from taking the over the counter vitamins to taking the traditional herbal product.  

  •  I was so pleased that I began to look at the other products available and found a wide range of products that do everything from naturally cleansing the vital organs, improving my eye sight, and even one that would help my libido.  


  • While I may never need all of the products listed, it is good to know that they are available and that I have an option to turn to that will be safe, effective, and affordable. Stylish Retirement Living starts by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and then taking advantage of ways to add more life to your years.